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WELCOME to the new page of the Philadelphia Underground Lowriders.

A group of local individuals who reside in Philadelphia, and love the lowrider life. Philadelphia Underground Lowriders have created some mobile masterpieces made by local lowriders . The lacquered bodies of lowrider cars glow with brilliant colors, geometric patterns, religious symbols, and velvet trim. Unlike hot rods and other racing cars, lowriders were designed to parade slowly.


Each car is lowered within inches of the pavement and driven as a rolling work of art. On Summer weekends and evenings, you can catch several lowrider vehicles on 'Broad Street' or at Alston Automotive; the home of the Philadelphia Underground. You can catch them with their hop up tires, using custom hydraulic compressors activated by a switch. The cars bounce on the asphalt, practically defying gravity at the top of each arc.

Yes, this is more than a spectator scene. Philadelphia Underground is well know for having it's Hydro Car Shows which opens up doors for business networking as well as connects and brings the community together. During the holidays, they donate to the homeless, and in the summer months, they provide local charitable events for the kids and families in need within the community.



Philly Underground
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